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Transfer rental income to spouse

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I own a property for which I am the sole registered owner. Property was bought after we got married, and currently has no mortgage.

I am is the higher earner and the property is now rented. Can I transfer 100% ofthe rental income to my wife to make use oftheir personal allowance and marginal tax rates.

  • Do I need to submit a Form 17 and/or create a declaration of trust?
  • Is a verbal agreement between me and my partner enough?
  • Since my property's income will be reported in my spouse's tax return. Does HMRC require us to also submit any written document/declaration when we file ourtax returns this year?

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By williams lester accountants
07th May 2023 16:22

Good starting point would be to speak to your accountant. They will be best place to know your personal circumstances and therefore be able to advise accordingly

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By More unearned luck
07th May 2023 17:08

"Can I transfer 100% of the rental income to my wife...". Yes you can. But I'd expect HMRC to invoke the settlements legislation. You should be more generous.

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By paulhammett
07th May 2023 20:19

It’s always a good idea to say “please”.

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Replying to paulhammett:
By David Ex
07th May 2023 20:39

paulhammett wrote:

It’s always a good idea to say “please”.

Correct although I was once rebuked by a moderator for making the same observation.

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Replying to David Ex:
By Catherine Newman
07th May 2023 23:44

I have sent a message to the OP to PM me.

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